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Navigate Through a Document with the Browse Object Button

By Deborah J. Sparks

Would you like to be able to easily jump back and forth through your document by previous and next edit, comment, graphic or table?

At the bottom of Word's vertical scroll bar is a button with a round icon, called the Browse Object button, right between the black double-arrow buttons.

By default, when you click on a double-arrow button, you move to the next or previous page in the document.

However, the Browse Object button lets you choose to make the arrows navigate to the next or previous heading, graphic, table, section, comment, etc., as shown below. The double arrows change color from black to blue when they navigate to any feature other than the next or preceding page.

It's much faster to browse by object instead of scrolling through your file. I often browse by edit when I've made a change to a document and want to jump back to where I was editing prior to making my change.

Simply select the object by which you would like to browse and then click Previous or Next. It's that easy!

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