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Speed Up Your Work with Word Shortcut Keys
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Do you spend a great deal of time using Microsoft Word? Speed things up with keyboard shortcuts!


New / Print / Save Ctrl+N / Ctrl+P / Ctrl+S
Open / Close Ctrl+O / Ctrl +W
Zoom in / out Ctrl+Mouse wheel up / down
Repeat last action F4 or Ctrl+Y
Undo last action Ctrl+Z
Cut / Copy / Paste Ctrl+X  or  Ctrl+C  or  Ctrl+V
Find / Replace Ctrl+F  or  Ctrl+H
Run Spell Check F7


Bold on/off Ctrl+B
Italics on/off Ctrl+I
Underline on/off Ctrl+U
Double underline Ctrl+Shift+D
Increase / decrease font size Ctrl+Shift+>  or  Ctrl+Shift+<
Increase / decrease font size by 1 point Ctrl+]  or  Ctrl+[
Open the Font dialog box Ctrl+D
Cycle through upper, lower and sentence case Shift+F3
Change text to uppercase / small caps Ctrl+Shift+A  or  Ctrl+Shift+K
Apply superscript / subscript format Ctrl+Shift++  or  Ctrl+Shift+=
Remove formatting Ctrl+Spacebar

Line Spacing

Set single line spacing Ctrl+1
Set 1.5 line spacing Ctrl+5
Set double line spacing Ctrl+2
Switch between 1 and 12 points before paragraph Ctrl+0

Paragraph Alignment

Align left Ctrl+R
Align right Ctrl+R
Justify Ctrl+J
Center Ctrl+E
Increase / decrease left indent Ctrl+M  or  Ctrl+Shift+M
Remove paragraph formatting Ctrl+Q

Selecting & Deleting Text

Non-consecutive text (version 2002 and later) After initial selection hold down Ctrl and select text
Word Double click
Sentence Ctrl+click
Paragraph Triple click
From cursor to beginning of document Ctrl+Shift+Home
From cursor to end of document Ctrl+Shift+End
One word at a time to the right Ctrl+Shift+à
One word at a time to the left Ctrl+Shift+ß
One paragraph at a time down Ctrl+Shift+â
One paragraph at a time up Ctrl+Shift+á
Entire document Ctrl+A
Vertical block of text Alt+drag
Delete one word at a time to the right Ctrl+Delete
Delete one word at a time to the left Ctrl+Backspace


Beginning of document Ctrl+Home
End of document Ctrl+ End
Beginning of line Home
End of line End
One paragraph down / up Ctrl+â  or  Ctrl+á
One word at a time Ctrl+à  or Ctrl+ß
Open the GoTo dialog box F5


Select next cell content or add new row after last cell Tab
Select previous cell content Shift+Tab
First cell in a row Alt+Home
Last cell in a row Alt+End
First cell in column Alt+Page Up
Last cell in column Alt+Page Down
Insert a tab in a cell Ctrl+Tab

Special Characters, Breaks & AutoText

Non-breaking space Ctrl+Shift+Space
Non-breaking hyphen Ctrl+Shift+_
Line break Shift+Enter
Required page break Ctrl+Enter
Column break Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Add selected text to AutoText Alt+F3
AutoText entry when ScreenTip after typing first few characters Enter

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