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Automatically Shade Every 2nd Row in Excel

By Deborah J. Sparks


"I work with huge spreadsheets that are much easier to read/edit when every second row is shaded. Our file is shared, so we can't use tables. I have to redo my shading manually every time I add or remove rows, which is very tedious and time consuming. Is there a faster way? "


Yes, there is a *much* faster way! Use the MOD function in a conditional formatting formula:

  1. Select the range, for example A2:D25, to which you wish to apply the formatting
  2. Click the Format menu > Conditional Formatting
  3. Select "Formula Is" and type (or copy and paste) the following:


  4. Click the Format button, select the desired format, then click OK twice

Let's break the formula down:

The MOD function divides a value and returns the remainder. For example, =MOD(4,2) would result in 0 as 4 divided by 2 has no remainder. However, =MOD(5,2) would result in 1. In this case, we are using MOD to divide the current row number ROW(), by 2 and return the remainder.

In "Excel language" 0 has a value of FALSE and anything greater than 0 has a value of TRUE. Because conditional formatting depends on TRUE to format, all odd-numbered rows will be formatted.

If you want to apply a different format to all even rows, add the following formula as your second condition:


By adding the NOT function, Excel will, in essence, "translate" the TRUE to FALSE, and apply formatting to all rows that do have a remainder - in other words, all of the even-numbered rows.

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