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Microsoft Outlook Quick Parts Gallery

By Deborah J. Sparks

Are you tired of retyping standard text blocks in emails? Or do you search through old emails to find text to copy and paste? If so, Quick Parts are for you!

Save time and effort by using reusable text blocks in Outlook 2007 and later.

You can create your own lists to enter data quickly using the fill handle. You can also sort in the order of your list, which is explained below.


  1. Open the email that contains the block of text and click Reply OR create a new email and type the text
  2. Select the text and then click the Quick Parts button on the Insert tab > Text group
  3. Click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery
  4. Fill in the Create New Building Block dialog box:

Name: Type a unique name for the building block

Gallery: Select the gallery to which you wish you save the text (leave this as Quick Parts)

Category: Leave as General OR click Create New Category... and type a new category name to group by related building blocks

Description: Type a description that will appear when you point to the saved building block (optional)

Save In: Leave as NormalEmail

Options: Select Insert content in own paragraph to add the building block in its own paragraph, even if the user's cursor is in the middle of a paragraph OR select Insert content only to insert at the cursor position


  1. Position the cursor where you wish to insert the building block text
  2. Click the Quick Parts button on the Insert tab > Text group
  3. Point to and click the building block to insert its text


  1. Insert the building block ad described above and make the changes
  2. Save the building block as described above, confirming replacement of the original


  1. Click the Quick Parts button on the Insert tab > Text group
  2. Right-click the building block you wish to delete and select Organize and Delete...
  3. Click the Delete button and confirm

Outlook can save you lots of time, but most people simply aren't aware of many of its features.

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