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Speed Up Your Work with Excel Shortcut Keys
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Do you spend a great deal of time using Microsoft Excel? Speed things up with keyboard shortcuts!

Selecting Data

Current data region (with any 1 cell selected in the region) Ctrl+A
Select all Ctrl+A (twice if in a data region)
From selection to A1 Ctrl+Shift+Home
From selection to column A on same row Shift+Home
From selection to last cell used (lower right corner) Ctrl+Shift+End
From selection to the last nonblank cell towards the bottom / top Ctrl+Shift+â / Ctrl+Shift+á
From selection to last nonblank cell towards the right / left Ctrl+Shift+à / Ctrl+Shift+ß
Entire column(s) / row(s) of selected cell(s) Ctrl+Spacebar / Shift+Spacebar
Select all visible cells in current selection Alt+ ;
Select all cells containing comments Ctrl+Shift+O (letter O)


Bold / italics / underline / strikethrough on/off Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I / Ctrl+U / Ctrl+5
Open the Format Cells dialog Ctrl+1
Apply General format Ctrl+Shift+~
Apply Currency format with two decimal places Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply Percentage format with no decimal places Ctrl+Shift+%
Apply Date format with the day, month, and year Ctrl+Shift+#
Apply Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator Ctrl+Shift+!

Data & Formula Entry / Editing

Insert current date / time (does not update automatically) Ctrl+; or Ctrl+Shift+ ;
Insert typed data in all selected cells Ctrl+Enter
Paste a named range into a formula F3
Change from relative to absolute cell addresses in a formula F4 (repeatedly to cycle through)
Edit cell, placing the cursor at the end of the content F2
Run Spell Check F7
Add a line break in a cell Alt+Enter
Delete to the end of the cell content Ctrl+Delete
Undo / Redo Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y
Cut / Copy / Paste Ctrl+X / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V
Open Find / Replace dialog box Ctrl+F or Ctrl+H
Open GoTo dialog box F5


Go to cell A1 Ctrl+Home
Go to last cell used (lower right) Ctrl+End
Go to column A of current row Home
Next cell to the right / Previous cell to the left Tab or Shift+Tab
Move to bottom / top edge of selected data region Ctrl+â / Ctrl+á
Move to right / left edge of selected data region Ctrl+à / Ctrl+ß
Next / previous worksheet Ctrl+PageDown / Ctrl+PageUp
Next / previous workbook window Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab


Open Help F1
Insert new worksheet Shift+F11
Insert / delete columns / rows (select columns or rows first) Ctrl++   or   Ctrl+-
Hide selected rows / columns Ctrl+9 / Ctrl+0
Show hidden rows / columns / (select surrounding columsn / rows) Ctrl+Shift+(   or   Ctrl+Shift+)
Repeat the last action F4 or Ctrl+Y
Zoom in / out Ctrl+Mouse wheel up / down


New / Print / Save Ctrl+N / Ctrl+P / Ctrl+S
Open / Close Ctrl+O / Ctrl +W

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